A picture is worth a thousand words and being a photographer has got to be one of the most fun jobs out there! Having shadowed a photographer fairly recently made me realize that there really are “jobs” out there that are so much fun it doesn’t seem like work! In fact, the shoot was so spontaneous fun and (at many times during the session) funny that it made me feel a little guilty on the inside knowing that I was actually “working” with a photographer and assisting her during her work hours and not playing around. Of course it helped that everyone including the client was very compliant, and the four-hour photo shoot session seemed to fly by! I can honestly say that it was such a refreshing experience for me, since my work is really in the medical field. What a night and day experience it was!

Analog photography

Because I am a registered nurse, my work is pretty much cut out for me before my day starts. I work in an ambulatory center and everything we say and do is pretty much routine. This ranges from making sure the name, birthday and procedure are correct to getting the IV’s in usually in the right hand.

We ask the same questions and give the same instructions for the most part. It is, for lack of a better word, routine. Everyone does the same thing at my work. When I shadowed a good friend of mine during a photo shoot, where she was the photographer and a doctor was her client (what are the odds), I was so surprised by the relaxed but fun nature of her work!

I found myself thinking, is she really working? This can’t be work! We laughed so much and the best part for me was probably the fact that they were able to change outfits! The only time that happens at my job is when you get something on your clothes that do not belong to you, for example blood and poop.   Just being realistic. Working with my friend during the photo shoot made think of taking a few photography classes so that one day it might become a profitable hobby in the future!

There is so much more to photography and every picture represents a segment in time that has been captured and recorded forever! Pictures capture a parent’s first time holding his baby, a baby’s first blown candle, a bride and groom’s first dance and much more! Photography can be a great outlet for anyone who is simply looking to capture beautiful moments in life, beautiful faces, smiles, sceneries and so much more. Pictures are like time capsules and great photography can capture even the feelings and the ambiance and taking pictures is definitely a lot of fun.   Photography is definitely worth a try!

I am looking forward to honing my skills and I provided the video above to help others like me learn some basic skills that will make a huge difference in their photography. It will definitely make an improvement to your photo taking and I can’t wait to try them myself.

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